Working with Urbix

Urbix is a high tech startup with a strong science arc. The people who work here are fiercely smart and good at what they do.

If after what you’ve heard about us, and seen on these pages, you think you’d fit in with our smart, ambitious and hardworking team, please reach via the form below. You will only be contacted if we think you’ll be a fit, too.

Available Positions:

Product Development Engineer

The successful candidate must be an independent thinker, team player, proactive problem-solver with solid organizational skills and quality & customer-oriented mindset and have personal drive for continuous improvement.

We look for a highly capable person with generous natures, motivated by teamwork, trust, drive for excellence and learning.

Job description / Objective:

The Product Development Engineer will participate in the fabrication and development of products, and support and coordinate the experiments and processes planned by R&D team and executed by Operations team. This will involve setting up equipment and testing programs, executing them and analyzing data as well as product fabrication.

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