Urbix Was Founded in 2014

We specialize in all aspects of the graphite value chain. Urbix also specializes in advanced energy storage cell designs and materials, including high-voltage electrolyte. Urbix uses proprietary methods for the environmentally conscious purification of various graphite products. Urbix customers can trust that their raw materials are the most responsibly produced in the world. Share in our vision for a greener carbon future.

The Urbix Advantage

Urbix seeks to achieve the most economically viable graphite, graphene, and energy storage products in the world. Urbix can cater to customer needs and demands far better than present industry giants, while still competing on a global stage. Beyond Urbix graphite expertise, Urbix offers robust state-of-art energy storage competency and is a premier collaborator. Contact Us to learn more about how Urbix can benefit your business today.

Our Eco-Friendly Approach

Recognizing the near irreversible damage China has caused to their country due to antiquated graphite refinement methods, Urbix accepted the challenge of finding new ways to more effectively provide natural graphite products. Starting with our proprietary low-temperature, non-oxidative purification technique, Urbix avoids the use of Hydrofluoric Acid and the huge energy consumption often required to achieve the same low-transition metal purities. Urbix has also created a simple graphene exfoliation method which features 99% reusable surfactants, yields as high as 95-99% of the starting graphite weight, and “on-demand” layer customization. These patented refinement techniques simultaneously lower production cost while minimizing impact on the surrounding environment.