The Revolution of Graphite

Green Tech Graphite for a Clean Future

Graphite — A Critical Mineral

Graphite is a versatile non-metal that possesses unique thermal, chemical, and electrical properties. Biocompatible – derived from carbon — and designated as a critical mineral by the United States due to its supply chain vulnerability and because graphite serves an essential function in the manufacturing of a product, the absence of which would have significant consequences for the economy and national security of USA. It is a driving factor in new innovations and applications, including Graphene “the New Plastics”.

Geo Politics

China currently dominates the global supply. Due to the Booming EV and Energy Storage industries, it is now a net importer for the first time in decades. Standard refining method is with Dangerous Hydrofluoric Acid (China) or Energy and Cost Intensive High Temperature Ovens (Western World). After numerous think tanks and journalists shed light on mining and processing standards, the provenance of battery raw materials, ecofriendly- processing techniques, adequate battery manufacturing standards, eco-friendly processing techniques are now required by most end-users.

The Urbix Solution

Urbix is the first and only truly American clean commercial manufacturer of battery anode materials geared to address the opportunities and challenges currently facing the EV graphite market. The Urbix proprietary process is the only clean tech, low cost solution in the world. Urbix technology provides consistent and high-quality graphite that exceeds the criteria for ESG life cycle assessments. Urbix’s battery grade graphite outperforms any synthetic anode, possessing a longer cycle life and greater energy density at significantly lower cost.

Our mission is to provide a clear advantage in processing technologies and advanced materials with the intention to mitigate supply chain vulnerabilities and foreign dependencies. We do this with innovative and sustainable developments while providing a safe, inclusive, diverse, dynamic and competitive work experience for our employees, providing best answers for the planet and maximizing return on investment for shareholders.
Our vision is to become the global leader in the development of eco-friendly advanced material and processing technologies that positively impact the world and humanity.

Paradigms in Teamwork

We’ve put together some of the most significant players in advanced materials, graphite and graphene to be found anywhere.

Quang Ha

General Counsel

Former General Counsel of multi-million cleantech and fintech startup companies. Mr. Ha was Director of IP of NextEra Energy / FPL, Director & Counsel of Credit Suisse Securities and an Associate at the Law Firm of Milbank Tweed. Quang holds a JD from University of Pennsylvania and BA from Harvard University.

Jorge Garcia

Director of Operations

Jorge Garcia has a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon. With over 20 years of experience in Operations and Quality Systems working for the automotive industry, Jorge has been able to customize operations systems that enable companies to maximize throughput and improve their bottom line. Jorge previously worked as an Operations Expert Consultant, leading and participating in successful projects, applying a combination of different methodologies, like Theory of Constraints, Lean Manufacturing, and Six Sigma tools in projects in several countries.


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