Nico Cuevas

Urbix chairman and co-founder, Nico Cuevas

In an article for the Arizona Chamber Business News, Urbix Resources Chairman Nico Cuevas shared some of his passion and knowledge about graphite and its place in a green future for America and the world:

When we at Urbix got a sense of how precarious our country’s situation was for a critical mineral, we set out to find a solution before it was too late. The clock is ticking.

Peacetime. Wartime. Clean energy. To maintain our style of life.

Graphite is an essential mineral. We need graphite to keep the best of what we do moving forward. I’ll explain.

You say the word “graphite” and many people think of number 2 pencils. But graphite is so much more.

We like to see Teslas zipping around. They are not possible without graphite. Arizona boasts one of the largest sources of clean energy at Palo Verde Nuclear generating station. Again, not possible without graphite. And, if you believe in storing solar power: it just isn’t possible without graphite.

You can read the whole piece here.

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