Senator McSallyArizona Senator Martha McSally has been a strong advocate of bringing all critical supply chains back to America and reducing our dependence on China.

In a recent press release and video released by her office, McSally says, “I had a virtual meeting with a company in Arizona that started with technology researched at the University of Arizona focused on graphite processing. It’s not just the extraction of these critical elements, it’s the processing, and in this case we’re totally reliant on China for processing of graphite. [Urbix Resources has] created a technology that is cheaper and greener than what is available out there and now they’re located in Arizona trying to ensure that we have these jobs in America, we bring the supply chain home. I was just so proud to hear that these kinds of efforts were happening.”

And we were proud to host her! (See our comment on the visit here.)

Meanwhile, we’ve included Senator McSally’s video comments on the topic below. ◊



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