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Mr. Gonzalez has served in top positions at several startups and one of the largest mining companies in the world. He has over two decades of experience and a successful track record having served as Chairman, Board Member, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Consultant of multi-national multi-billion dollar publicly listed entities as well as multi-million dollar start-up ventures. Eduardo’s extensive experience transcends a wide range of industries including biotech, consumer products, energy, agribusiness and mining, among others. His executive experience is deep and varied but includes stints as CFO of Grupo Mexico and Southern Copper Corporation.

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-- Eduardo Gonzalez, Chief Financial Officer
  • In mid-2017, served as restructuring officer, managed, reorganized, raised $35 million and successfully brought NJOY out of bankruptcy at a valuation of $44 million, company is valued today at $2.5 billion.
  • In late 2015, served as CEO, managed and executed the change management of Algenol Biotech, AGL, on behalf of its majority investors. Reduced burn rate by over 50% ($20 million a year).
  • Raised strategic financing of US $260MM for AGL from Mexican clean energy group and Reliance Industries, RIL, (Mumbai based US $48B market cap petrochemical conglomerate) and other institutions.
  • Crafted from the ground-up BioFields (a Mexican biotechnology start-up) addressing all aspects of the venture. Devised innovative structure and novel marketing materials to successfully raise US $280MM.
  • Devised and executed the strategy that restructured from financial distress Minera Mexico (Mining subsidiary of Grupo Mexico).
  • In 2004 accomplished the reverse merger/acquisition of this entity with Southern Peru Copper Corp (NYSE:PCU). The newly combined enterprise (SCCO) resulted in a pure mining play listed in the NYSE with a mkt cap of US $4.6B. By 2007, through carefully devised strategies, achieved the highest multiple of its global peer group – market cap of US $28B.

Academic History

Professional Experience

Urbix Inc, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Chief Financial Officer & Advisory Board

Read MoreJan 2021 – Present

Batuta Capital Advisors, New York

Managing Director

Merchant bank founded in 2013 and headquartered in New York. The Company targets middle market and special situation opportunities in both the public and private markets. Batuta specializes in turnarounds, bankruptcies, and distressed opportunities across the capital structure.

Read MoreMay 2016 – Dec 2020

Wolf Capital Group, Mexico City


A personal family venture geared to make our own investments in a number of industries including The Silver Deer Company, among others. projects took place. 

Read MoreSep 2015 - Present

Algenol Biotech, Ft. Meyers, Florida

Chairman of the Board/Board Member

A biotechnology company that intends to develop its highly disruptive third generation technology for the production of advanced biofuels.
Responsible for change-management and redirection of business model.
Manage the company ́s capital raising strategies on a global scale.
Managed, proposed and approved strategies for the potential deployment of the technology.
Reviewed, monitored and approved, as a member of several governance committees, strategic plans, budget, use of resources and operational goals among other activities.

Read MoreJan 2010 – Jan 2016

Biofields S.A.P.I. DE C.V.. Mexico City

Chief Executive Officer

A private Mexican consortium dedicated to invest and develop sustainable energy ventures.
Raised funds and directed all company activities consistent with world class organizations to:
Develop, scale-up and deploy advanced agro-industrial methods to produce value added non- hydrocarbon based industrial oils in a fully integrated manner.
Invest, supervise and commercialize the use of third generation hybrid algae to make bio-fuels on a sustainable scale. (Activities conducted through BioFields interest ownership in AGL)
Undertake to develop and build integrated large-scale renewable energy projects.
Directed daily operating, administrative, operations, human resource, financial and management information systems consistent with Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance.
Developed strategy and managed implementation and progress of the three business categories.
Served on the board of technological partner and coordinated AGL strategic efforts with RIL Board.

Read MoreSep 2007 – Jun 2015

Southern Copper Corporation, Mexico City

Director & CFO

A focused mining company domiciled in the NYSE:SCCO. Reported to Chairman of the corporation:
Directed strategic/M&A, financial, tax, comptroller, treasury and management information systems.
Worked with auditors and other advisors to complete annual report and SARBOX certification.
Headed company projection and valuation activities for strategic, financial & M&A decisions.
Redirected and structured company philosophy toward an investor friendly environment and achieved, on
a global scale, the highest company market valuation in its peer group.
Coordinated and executed a US$1.0B stock placement as well as over US$1.2B in 30-year bonds.

Read MoreMar 2005 – Jun 2007

Grupo MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V., Mexico City

Chief Financial Officer 

A mining consortium with major operations in the US, Mexico and Peru. Reported to Chairman and CEO:
Devised strategy and sale of its Mexican mining subsidiary in a transaction valued at US$4.6B.
Negotiated major refinancing effort in excess of US$1B to achieve essential strategic flexibility.
Led and successfully completed a US$880MM financial restructuring of Mexican Mining Division.
Co-led and negotiated major financing activities at various Grupo México subsidiaries in excess of US $1B.
Managed and implemented a US$2B debt financing facility for the purchase of Asarco Inc.
Executed and led the divestment of non-strategic assets for over US$700MM and led synergy/cost-saving task force after Asarco hostile take-over based out of New York City.

Read MoreMar 1999 – Mar 2005

MCKINSEY & COMPANY, INC, Mexico City, Mexico

Senior Associate 

Developed business plan & operations diagnostic for PEMEX to respond to regulatory changes.
Valuated PEMEX’s natural gas and liquid petroleum gas saving US$80MM in investment capital.
Developed strategy for a client’s LPG distribution Network to create entry barriers against competitors.

Read MoreMay 1997 – Mar 1999

Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago, Illinois

Intern-Advisor to VP of Int. Relations

Developed business plan & operations diagnostic for PEMEX to respond to regulatory changes.
Valuated PEMEX’s natural gas and liquid petroleum gas saving US$80MM in investment capital.
Developed strategy for a client’s LPG distribution Network to create entry barriers against competitors.

Read MoreSummer Intern 1996

McKinsey & Company, Inc, Mexico City, Mexico

Business Analyst

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“Synthesis of CNTs”

Read More1993 - 1995

Kimberly Clark Corp., Mexico City, Mexico

Operations & Admin Inter

Read MoreSummer Intern 1990 - 1992

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